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TLV "Trouble Less Valve"

TLV is a steam specialist company that produces and sells steam engineering products and offers consulting, site inspections and seminar training services.

Explore our range of top-quality TLV products below. From cutting-edge solutions to industry essentials, we've got you covered with reliable options for your needs.


Fluid Control Equipment 

TLV Steam Trap

Steam Traps >

Automatic valve that discharges condensate without leaking steam.

TLV Steam Trap Station

Steam Trap Stations >

Compact, reliable steam trap stations for condensate drainage from steam mains, tracers and light processes.

TLV Control Valves

Control Valves & Controls >

Multi-purpose control valves and high precision control valves for steam.

TLV Strainers

Strainers, Sight Glasses etc..

Strainers, sight glasses, and non-freeze valves used in steam trap periphery. 


Pressure Reducing Valves >

PRV's for valves for steam and air. A wide assortment of models available. e.g. pilot/ direct operating models

TLV Valves

Valves >

A variety of valves for use on steam, air, water, etc. e.g. Globe valves, Ball valves, Check valves...

TLV Drain Traps

Air & Drain Traps

Automatic valves for removing condensate from air and non-flammable, non-toxic gas.

waste heat recovery unit

Waste Heat Recovery

Equipment to recover heat energy from flash steam and high-temperature waste water.

TLV Safety Valve

Safety Valves >

Full-lift spring loaded type safety valves for use on steam, air, water and other non-hazardous fluid.

TLV Check Valves

Check Valves >

Automatic valves for preventing backflow.

TLV Cyclone

Cyclone Separators

Separators are used to remove entrained water from air or steam as it is transported.

TLV Sensors

Gauges & Sensors

Pressure transmitters and temperature sensors for steam applications.

TLV Powertrap

Condensate Recovery >

Pumps suitable for use in high-lift closed recovery applications and mechanical applications. 

TLV Vortex

Vortex Flowmeters >

Vortex Flowmeters & Flow computers. Measure the flow rates of a variety of fluids e.g. steam, air, water...

TLV Filters


Separator filter for use on steam and other gasses (non-toxic, non-flammable).

TLV Manifold


Manifolds suitable for use on steam supply branches and for convergence condensate from trace lines, etc. 

System Products

TLV Heating Systems

Heating Systems

Variety of compact systems ready for connection to all necessary components for steam side regulation and condensate return.

TLV Clean Steam Generator

Clean Steam Generator

Used to produce pure and clean steam, free of any harmful substances and impurities.

vacuum steam heating systems

Vacuum Steam Heating 

An innovative system that utilises vacuum steam for heating and cooling under 100°C.

TLV steam compressor

Steam Compressor 

Steam compressor that recovers low pressure steam at higher pressure for reuse.

Maintenance Instruments

TLV steam trap and valve management

Steam Trap & Valve Management

Energy conservation survey tools for steam trap management.

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