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Steam System Audit

Our steam and condensate audit is a method of identifying possible opportunities for energy savings and steam and condensate system optimisation.

A full written report will be produced, containing:

  • Analysis of the existing conditions.

  • Identification and investigation of energy saving opportunities.

  • Investigation of external leakages in the steam and condensate distribution system, condensate losses, insulation losses, flash steam losses, improved heat transfer etc.

  • Evaluation of the general condition of the equipment to be investigated and more specifically the pipework, steam distributing and condensate return equipment.

  • Survey of the boiler house and its equipment.

This report will provide observations, recommendations and operational judgements on;

  • Energy saving

  • Process optimisation

  • Steam system installation

  • Condensate system installation

  • Correct installation & functionality of steam traps

  • Steam related health & safety issues

  • Environmental compliance issues

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