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NCFE Accredited Steam Training Courses

Energeia Technologies are happy to offer certified TLV steam training courses accredited by NCFE. These courses are designed to boost problem-solving and safety skills, while also offering hands-on experience and practical application of new skills.

TLV ’The Safe and Efficient Use of Process Steam’ accredited by the NCFE

TLV's comprehensive steam training seminar, provides advice and information for the fundamental requirements of the efficient operation, installation and maintenance of steam systems, along with piping & steam control equipment.

The Basic topics covered are;

Pressure System Regulation 2000 - explains the compliance to the Health & Safety Commission with particular reference to safety valve sizing and positioning, and the legal responsibilities of the steam user in accordance to the regulations.

Introduction to steam - explains the properties of steam, the relationship between temperature & pressure, together with an explanation of steam tables.

Steam & Condensate Fundamentals – develops the themes of how and why steam is used.

System Design – covers components of steam systems, their selection and sizing along with pipe sizing and layout. 

Steam Trap Testing - Improving Efficiency & Reducing Losses – explains how to manage and test your steam trap population.

Pressure Reduction, Temperature Control & Metering – gives the theory, selection and installation of important control and measurement components.

Trapping & Condensate Return – demonstrates the different traps and their application and the issues of condensate return  

Energy Conservation and its Recovery - Explains heat loss such as radiant losses, operational steam trap and flash steam losses, and investigates ways that it can be recovered, and reused, saving energy and running costs.

Practical – “hands-on” opportunities for simple overhaul and maintenance of basic steam equipment.


Course Location- Waibstadt, Frankfurt

The Training Course is held in the most advanced and modern facility of its kind in Europe, demonstrating a wide and comprehensive range of steam using equipment with facilities that include our own packaged boiler unit and compressed air facilities that enable the Process Dynamics of Steam to be both safely and closely observed.

TLV hold training courses at this centre for customers spanning the whole of Europe and beyond. The course is widely recognised as being an essential tool for helping Steam users to gain the basic requisites for efficient operation of their systems.

Provisional Course Dates and Fees

June 11th - 14th 

December 9th - 12th

Includes flights, transfers, accommodation, all meals and course materials.

Please contact for more info on how to apply.

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