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About Us

Founded in May 2005, Energeia Technologies are on the verge of celebrating our 20th anniversary, marking two decades of excellence in our industry. Our journey has been guided by a team of visionary founding Directors, possessing over 100 years of combined experience. This wealth of expertise has been instrumental in shaping Energeia Technologies into a leading force in the industry.

At Energeia Technologies, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge equipment and services tailored for the steam and condensate loop. With a profound expertise in the design and manufacturing of industrial heat transfer solutions, we are committed to providing comprehensive services that encompass every stage of your project. We offer a complete service, from the initial specification to supply, seamless delivery & precise installation. Our commitment includes on-going support and maintenance, ensuring your systems run smoothly and reliably.

Our headquarters are based in Antrim with a regional office in Dundee. Our Antrim premises has always housed a substantial stock of valves, heat exchangers and equipment parts. Following the Brexit arrangements we have since increased this stock amount in order to confidently supply our customers at short notice throughout the country.

Industries we are involved in include:

•    Breweries
•    Distilleries
•    Pharmaceutical
•    Dairy
•    Healthcare/Hospitals
•    Food & Beverage, Chemical
•    HVAC, Energy Generation
•    Municipal Solid Waste

•    Refining & Petrochemical
•    Waste Water/Sewage Treatment
•    Paper & Printing
•    Plastic
•    Tyres & Rubber
•    Tobacco
•    Cosmetic


We actively represent a number of world leading manufacturers with partnership agreements in place. Through proactive discussions with our greater network we are able to provide the best possible solutions to our customers with a focus on continuous improvement.


As TLV would say “Product development starts from our customer’s perspective. Our goal is to produce products that exceed your expectations.

Our Team



Gerry Smith

Managing Director


Salman Shariati

Technical Sales Engineer


Arad Beizaei

Technical Sales Engineer




John Scott

Service Director


Peter Dallas

Service Engineer


Jack Scott

Service Engineer


Mariusz Kolodziej

Service Engineer


Blair Foord

Service Engineer

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