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PowerTrap® (Mechanical Pump)
GP Series -
GP5C / GP10 / GP10L / GP10F / GP14 / GP14-B / GP14L / GP14M / C1 CYCLE COUNTER

TLV Pump

PowerTrap® is a pump that transports condensate, powered by pressure from steam or compressed air without the use of electricity.

It is ideal for use in open systems* which collect condensate from steam-using equipment for the purposes of recovering heat energy and recycling treated water.

Benefits and Features:

Energy Conservation - Recovers and transports condensate in order to recycle heat energy and water resources. The snap-action mechanism rapidly switches between condensate in-flow to the mechanical pump and discharging the condensate, preventing delay-induced leakage of motive medium (steam, air).
'Stall' Prevention - The steam-using equipment installing the control valve has a tendency to stall, resulting in process temperature swings, water hammer, and/or tube corrosion. By installing PowerTrap®, this stall phenomenon can be prevented.
Easy to Operate - The unit is powered by steam or air, so there is no need for electrical facilities, which makes it suitable for use in explosion-proof installations and other environments where electrical power supply is not an option. Designed to allow maintenance without being removed from condensate recovery lines.

Application Areas

  • Transport high temperature condensate

  • Reboilers, heat exchangers, cylinder dryers, etc.

  • Remove condensate from vacuum pressure system

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Pump Animation

PowerTrap® Skids (GP & GT)
GP Series

TLV Condensate Recovery Skid

Ideal condensate drainage and recovery under all operational conditions

PowerTrap mechanical pumps will drain steam applications under changing pressure conditions, even in the case of vacuum formation in the vapor space. The “flooding” of heat exchangers, water hammer, corrosion problems and temperature fluctuations are thus avoided. Connection-ready skids are manufactured according to customer requirements and remove condensate while maximizing efficiency and safety conditions.

Main Features

  • Inline construction for easy installation

  • Ready-to fit-in skids as all-in-one solution

  • Large conveying capacities

  • Low feed height

  • No cavitation

  • Requires no electricity

  • Automatic on / off circuits

  • No Electricity Required

  • Easy to Install, Operate, and Maintain

Application Areas

  • Returning high-temperature condensate.

  • Pumping condensate from low pressure to high pressure areas.

  • Removing condensate from areas with negative pressure.

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