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Check Valves
CK Series

check valveS

Check valves for steam and other fluids

Disc and spring construction assures stable performance with installation in either vertical or horizontal pipelines. TLV CK series check valves are ideal for nearly all types of fluid processes with their high sealing performance in both vertical and horizontal piping and their rapid open-close mechanism.

Benefits and Features

  • Small valve-opening pressure differential.

  • Select between a metal valve seat or a soft valve seat for use with steam, water or air.

  • Available in sizes up to 4 inch on some models.

  • All stainless steel construction (CK3M/CK3T/CK3R also available in brass or bronze).

  • Reliably Prevents Backflow.

  • Easy to Use.

  • Long Service Life.

Application Areas

  • Piping that requires backflow prevention.

  • Locations where frequent opening and closing operation is expected.

Check valve

CK3M / CK3T / CK3R

Check Valve


Check Valve


Check Valve


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