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Bellows Sealed Valves
BE8H - 
BE8H-16 / BE8H-25 / BE8H-40

TLV Globe Valve

Globe-type valve with bellows sealed stem

Two-port durable bellows sealed shut-off globe valve for steam, water and other fluids.

Benefits and Features

Maintenance-free at stem gland

  • Bellows-type gland prevents leakage to the outside. No need to tighten or replace the gland packing.

Application Areas
Steam, hot water, heating mediums, etc.

Bypass Blow Valves

TLV Valve

Valves that ensure reliable, high sealing performance after bypass blow.

Periodic maintenance of steam system is followed by blowdown on bypass lines by supplying high pressure steam at start-up. However, globe valves often installed on bypass lines are commonly susceptible to internal leakage as the build-up of dirt and scale and the erosion of valve trim prevent the valve from closing completely. The BD800 was developed to eliminate these problems.

Benefits and Features

  • Prevents Leakage

  • Scale Removal Function

  • Highly Durable

  • Easy Inline Maintenance

Application Areas

  • High temperature and high pressure applications, such as steam trap bypass lines.

  • Bypass or other lines: for blowdown or elimination of steam locking

Stainless Steel Ball Valves
BV1 -
BV1 / BV6

TLV Ball Valve

Ball valves suitable for steam lines.

All stainless steel full bore ball valve of 3-piece design for steam, water and air.

Benefits and Features

  • High Cost Performance Ratio

  • Long Service Life

Application Areas

​Steam, water, hot water, air lines, etc.

Lock Release Valves
LR Series -
LR3 / LR5


Eliminate Steam Locking

Lock release valves to be installed on steam traps J3X and J5X for eliminating the steam-locking problem often associated with cylinder dryers, presses, jacket kettles etc.

Benefits and Features

Compact lock release valves for direct installation on steam trap models J3X and J5X - eliminates steam-locking problem simply and easily.​

  • Fine adjustment to keep steam loss low.

  • Maintenance and repair is possible without removing the valve from the steam trap.

Application Areas

By installing on J3X and J5X, cylinder dryers, presses, jacket kettles and other steam-using equipment prone to steam-locking.

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