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With outputs from 160 to 480 kg/h, our all-new Classic builds on the successes of Fulton's 70-year boiler manufacturing history to deliver a steam boiler that is rugged, robust and reliable; and engineered to meet our customers’ requirements.

Classic boilers use proven technology to deliver steam economically, while maintaining the rugged, robust and reliable operation expected from a Fulton heat transfer solution. With full steam output available from cold start within 20 minutes, Classic can meet the rapid steam requirements for numerous industrial applications, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage.

The rugged, robust and reliable pressure vessel is no less than 8mm thick; and the Classic's industry-leading vertical design eliminates tubes or coils that are subject to oxygen pitting, corrosion and burn out; ensuring decades of trouble-free operation.

Ease of maintenance is a function of Classic’s design. This ensures minimal downtime and maximum production availability. Classic boilers are exempt from expensive and time-consuming SBG01 non-destructive testing requirements.

  • Available with Gas, Oil or LPG/Propane burners

  • kW rating: 100 - 300 kW

  • Output: 160 - 480 kg/h (F&A 100°C)

  • Operating Pressure: 10.34 barg

  • Efficiencies up to 84%

  • 7 Year Guarantee on Pressure Vessel

Fulton Classic Steam Boiler
a look inside Fulton Classic
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